Comparing artists to start-ups isn’t just lazy. It’s unhealthy and beside the point.

Last Friday, I attended the great Sonic Visions conference in Luxemburg where I was invited to take part in the « Artist as a Start-up ? » panel alongside artist Eivor, serial entrepreneur and start-up mentor Martin Guérin and Olivier Toth, the CEO of Rockhal and Sonic Visions. The discussion was great and the topic is important so I thought I’d develop my point a little.

Comparing artists to start-ups is a trend that has emerged this last couple of years as music and tech became ever more increasingly tied and the latter churned out its daily dose of spectacular stories and unicorns. When a particular field is successful, it would be a shame not to try to find some key take aways and apply them to an ecosystem like music where everything has been challenged and turned upside down these last 15 years or so.

Read this article in full on Medium or on Hypebot where is was reposted on Nov, 28.

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